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乐游网手游app官方下载there are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure that policymakers recognize the importance of edtech — such as calling, tweeting or sending letters about the need to invest at the federal and state levels. iste strongly encourages the edtech advocacy community to take action and participate in our advocacy campaigns.


What you can do?

乐游网手游app官方下载act now to protect edtech funding with these 3 tips

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ISTE Standards adoption by state  

Has your state adopted the newest generation of ISTE Standards?

green.png Newest Generation of ISTE Standards
Blue Previous Generation of ISTE Standards

If your state is using an out-of-date version of the ISTE Standards, let us help you advocate for an upgrade! The Student, Educator and Leader Standards have been updated since 2016.

contact iste’s advocacy team to help you make the case.


Our collective voices can impact policy.

how will policymakers know that digital learning is important to their constituents if we don’t tell them?


“As educators, it's our shared responsibility to ensure we have the support and funding needed to use the most updated teaching tools. We must expect that all students have access to technology to prepare them to thrive in a digital world.”

乐游网手游app官方下载  — richard culatta, iste ceo